Chadwick Arcinue

Hoboken, New Jersey, United States

From equations and spreadsheets to brushstrokes and canvases. After an almost 20-year career in business and finance, I decided it was time to pursue my passion for art. In 2018, I established The Chadwick Concepts and transformed a random hobby of mine into a full-time career in painting and design. Never imagining that I would ever "pick up a paintbrush," and having received no formal training in art, I relied on inner guidance and experimentation to get me through my first attempt at creating art in 2003, when I was an MBA student in Boston. The result, simply titled “Boston,” was an impressionistic piece executed in vibrant shades of pink with blushes of deep purple and fuchsia. The impressionist style characterized many of my following works between 2003 and 2013, a period I consider my "impressionist roots." My work has since evolved into pieces that are more abstract and expressionist, yet rarely stray from vibrant colors and dense textures. My current body of work is broad and diverse, continually shifting, and always growing. Though seemingly varied and eclectic at first glance, my trademark Seascapes, Dreamscapes, Colorscapes and newly released Lightscapes collections are a singular exploration and discovery of color, movement, texture, and brushstroke. And while it is unusual for an artist like me not to have a favorite color, I gravitate towards red, in various shades, shapes and styles. My journey in art has been as fast and vast as my own personal adventure. From a small, sleepy town in the Philippines, I now live in one of the largest, most sleepless cities in the world. From the precise and formulaic world of business and finance, I now breathe the unconventional and imaginative world of art and design. Through my work, I wish to inspire others who are thinking of embracing tremendous change and pursuing a new passion, whether in art or otherwise. As is the case every time I pick up a brush and put paint on a canvas, may your desire to explore, transcend, and overcome never waver.

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