César Martiniano

Azores, Portugal

I'm a passionate artist with a mission to stretch the boundaries of creativity using unconventional tools and a unique vision. My work, inspired by a background in graphic design and graffiti, is a journey into inner landscapes, inviting viewers to delve into their own experiences. I primarily employ acrylics on canvas or paper, often combining them with spray paint, chalk, and crayons. As a self-taught artist, I draw inspiration from nature, forming shapes and colors as my intuition dictates. My latest series, Atlantic Whispers, explores the lush palette of my native Azores, where vibrant blues and green predominate. Each piece contains hidden text, which is only visible by turning on a light switch. The paintings celebrate the glory of nature while encouraging viewers to explore their inner child and embrace life with an ever-curious spirit.

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Mindfulness, 2023

Acrylics, colored pencil and spray on canvas

39.5" x 39.5"


Blue Views 2, 2023

Acrylic, colored pencil and spray on paper

19.5" x 17.5"


Purple Energy 6, 2023

Acrylic, colored pencil and spray on paper

16.5" x 12"


Organic Green 3, 2023

Acrylic, colored pencil and spray on paper

23.5" x 15.5"