Ashton Lally

avon, United States

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From a young age, I was immersed in color through the influence of my Italian grandparents who owned a floral store, and from visiting my father’s family in South Africa. Understanding color and the relationships between them was and continues to be a natural gift for me. I currently paint with a technique called acrylic pouring. Beginning by visualizing the colors I think would work well together, I then get the idea of how I want the colors to appear on the canvas. I create most of the fluid colors in my palette. Some are created thicker than others so I can manipulate the texture. Then I start the process of layering each color directly onto canvas. The movement and mixing of each color will create a final image that can never be duplicated. My abstract art tends to gravitate toward a floral and ocean-like theme. I create to add beauty to the world.

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