Anina E. Hathaway

Montrose, Colorado, United States

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We hope you enjoy the original artwork by Anina E. Hathaway displayed below. Check back here soon for more information about the artist.
ag_artist_id : 37696
ag_updated_at : 2022-10-03 04:00:35 UTC
ag_city : Montrose
ag_region : Colorado, United States
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ag_artist_statement : Abstraction allows me to project emotion and to play with light onto a painting, photograph, or digital work. Creating a contemporary language that no one understands can also be in some works as well. My intent is to engage the viewer into the painting and interacting with it by communicating with oneself. The intent is to evoke the viewers' emotions into unexplored territory.
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ag_priority : 100
ag_featured_artist : false
ag_artist_firstname : Anina E.
ag_artist_lastname : Hathaway
ag_artist_tags : american,she/her

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