Angel Espino

Westminster, CO, United States

My art has evolved over time into an integration of personal narrative, method, and message. Using creative expression as a means of self-exploration, I developed my signature style. Through gravity and organic movement, I layer intense color from above the canvas. I engage with color with my hands and sticks to generate intentional form, then reduce layers to reveal and contrast. My abstract expressionist style conveys the wisdom gained from reflection – experiences, planned and unplanned, leave their marks for us to weave and rend and weave again into a tapestry of meaning.

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Purple Haze, 2021

Acrylic on canvas

36" x 24"


Sunflower Blooming, 2021

Mixed media on canvas

40" x 30"


Phoenix Rising, 2021

Mixed media on canvas

48" x 24"


Marvelous Heavens, 2022

Mixed media on canvas

20" x 60"


Divino, 2021

Mixed media on canvas

36" x 36"