Ana Leal

São Paulo, Brazil

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We hope you enjoy the original artwork by Ana Leal displayed below. Check back here soon for more information about the artist.
ag_artist_id : 51104
ag_updated_at : 2022-03-20 21:23:20 UTC
ag_city : São Paulo
ag_region : Brazil
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ag_artist_statement : My photographic work explores ideas of memory, the passage of time, and empty spaces. Using strategies of minimalism and fragmentation I take my viewers into the inner labyrinths of my subjects. Inspired by the notion of The Void, as a way of experiencing contemplation when immersed in these unoccupied spaces, I invite my audience to a timeless place of diffuse spatiality. In the end my main goal is to capture the beauty of simplicity through abstraction or rendering subtle images that emphasize minutiae. I use both digital and film cameras creating simple images and photo collages to produce Archival Pigment Print pieces on a variety of supports such as paper, canvas, or aluminum. Some of my series has also worked as diptychs or triptychs.
ag_biography : Ana Leal was born in the Northeast of Brazil in 1969. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics from the Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil and a Masters degree in Marketing from the University of Pernambuco, Brazil. Photography has always been a passion. At age 15, she received a F3 Nikon as a birthday present. Since then, her passion has grown. Self-educated, she decided to become a professional photographer in 2013 when she got a Bachelor degree in photography from the Pan American School of Arts in São Paulo and in 2016 she joined an MFA program in Visual Arts at Miami International University of Arts and Design. Abstract expressionism and constructivism are her main influences. The work of the artist is mainly abstract and marked by the presence of geometric lines.
ag_influences : Impressionism and minimalism are strong influences on my work.
ag_awards : 2020 15th Julia Margaret Cameron award’s non-prof - Winner Abstract 2020 15th Julia Margaret Cameron award’s non-prof - Honorable Mention Fine Art 2019 Prix de La Photographie Paris - Honorable Mention 2018 Latin America 7
ag_exhibitions : 2018 Casa Cor PE 2018 - Solo Show at Santos e Santos Arquitetura Recife , PE, Brazil 2018 Frank Contemporaries , The Frank C. Ortis Art Gallery and Exhibit Hall , Pembroke Pines , FL 2018 Repetition of Space , Wynwood Lofts , Miami , FL 2017 MFA students show, Miami International University of Art and Design, Miami, FL 2015 Essência , Espaço Moldura Minuto , São Paulo, Brazil
ag_priority : 100
ag_featured_artist : false
ag_artist_firstname : Ana
ag_artist_lastname : Leal
ag_artist_tags : Photography,Minimalism,Fragmentation,Digital,Film Cameras,brazilian,she/her

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